The sharp beep, beep, beep, beep, snaps you out of your thoughts as the fire company provided pager springs to life.  ‚��Hampden Township, Interstate 81, mile marker 61.5 north, auto accident with upset and entrapment possible fire, box 30-101, Engine Company 30, Rescue 30.”  Adrenalin has already shot through your system and you are completely awake and alert.


Someone is having a very bad day.  They need a hero to come to the rescue.  As a Hampden Fire volunteer, here is your opportunity.


If you want a chance to give back to you community and feel the thrill of fighting fire, extricating victims from twisted wreckage, or saving 12 new born ducks from a storm sewer, Hampden Fire can give you that chance.  Join today.  Be a hero.


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